Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Online Courses, which incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions of Website Use and which are subject to any Additional Online Terms and Conditions (if any) (together, the “Online Terms”), apply to the registration of any Online Course.  Please read the Online Terms carefully before registering an Online Course and print off a copy for your records.  

By registering an Online Course, you are confirming your agreement to be bound by the Online Terms.

Online Course Provider

  • The Online Courses are provided by BaluTutorials (hereinafter referred to as “BaluTutorial”, “we” or “us”). www.balututorials.com and www.balututorial.com are operated by BaluTutorials.
  • We will use our reasonable endeavors to provide the Online Courses advertised by BaluTutorials.
  • We will provide Online Courses using reasonable care and skill.


  • Capitalized terms used herein have the following meanings:
  • Brochure means any online or hard copy material produced by BaluTutorials that provides detailed information with respect to the Online Courses.
  • Additional Study Materials means any Physical Study Materials not included in the Course Fee.
  • Course Fee means the fee payable for an Online Course but excludes any delivery charges payable in relation to the delivery of Course Materials.
  • Course Materials means the materials provided by BaluTutorials in the course of the delivery of any Online Course, which may be i). Online Study Materials ii). Physical Study Materials.
  • Online Course means either an On-Demand Online Course or a Scheduled Online Course provided by BaluTutorials.
  • Online Study Materials means any material in an electronic format which maybe. i). Downloaded from the Website ii). Accessed and viewed on the Website including PDFs, JPEGs, MPEG4s, and MOVs.
  • Physical Study Materials means any material in a physical format including printed books.
  • Scheduled Online Course means an online course which is only available for access by you on a predetermined start date.
  • Website means www.balututorials.com or any other domain operated by BaluTutorials and you mean the individual purchasing the Online Course.

Registration and Confirmation

  • In order to register an Online Course, you must provide the required information and pay the amount specified. You must ensure that all information provided is complete and accurate.
  • When you register for an Online Course, you are offering to purchase that Online Course on the Online Terms. 
  • A legally binding agreement shall only come into existence once 
    • BaluTutorials has accepted your offer to register an Online Course by sending you a registration confirmation email which will provide you with a link to access the Online Course, along with log on details.
    • The Online Terms, together with your registration offer and the order confirmation email, constitute the entire agreement between us (the “Contract”)
    • You must check the details on the order confirmation email when you receive it. If there are any errors please contact us immediately at online@balututorials.com.
  • Where your order consists of multiple Online Courses, each individual Online Course will be treated by BaluTutorials as a separate offer to register. 
  • We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, and without the need to give a reason, to refuse to accept an offer to register one or more Online Courses.  In such circumstances, no contract will arise and we will return any payment accompanying your course.


  • The Course Fee for any Online Course at any given time and any additional delivery charges payable in relation to the delivery of Course Materials, if applicable.
  • All amounts are payable in Indian Rupee. The prices quoted are inclusive of TAX.
  • Unless otherwise specified in respect of a particular Online Course the Course Fee is payable either.
    • Registration Fee is 15% of Course Fee.
    • Full Payment has to made prior to the course start date.
    • Installments payments are not accepted
  • Payments will be accepted by UPI Payment, Paytm, PhonePe, and bank transfers.
  • For bank transfer, which will need to be arranged directly with us over the WhatsApp or email
  • For Credit card/ Debit card / Online Banking You may Use PayUMoney.
  • For the PayUMoney transaction, a 2% service fee will include extra.

Cancellation, validity, and Refunds

  • Registration fees are non-refundable (15% of the course fee).
  • After enrollment of any online course, cancellation is not allowed and the amount is non-refundable.
  • Pursuant to our money-back guarantee, you may cancel your registration within 3 days of regular session(Not allowed for weekend batches). BaluTutorials sends you a confirmation email that provides you 85% of fees that will be refunded.
  • Your registration is valid only for 1 year with BaluTutorials.

Physical Study Materials (if applicable)

  • Where Physical Study Materials accompany the Online Course and they are supplied by BaluTutorials, a delivery charge and printed notes cost may be payable by you to BaluTutorials.
  • Physical Study Materials are not provided outside of India.
  • You must be notified of any queries, complaints, or incomplete or incorrect deliveries within 14 days of you receiving the Physical Study Materials.  If you do not notify BaluTutorials within this time period, BaluTutorials will not be obliged to correct your order and will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result.

Online Course content and Access terms

  • The description of the Online Course on the Website and/or in any relevant Brochure will set out details of the contents of the available Online Courses.
  • Except as set out in the description of the Online Course on the Website and/or in any relevant Brochure, no additional Course Materials and/or tuition will be provided by BaluTutorials.
  • The receipt of an Online Course is personal to you and, unless otherwise agreed by BaluTutorials pursuant to Additional Terms and Conditions, you may not share or transfer your rights to access the Online Course or provide an Online Course to any other person.
  • We reserve the right to monitor IP addresses that are used to access the online course and Course Materials and, if a student is found to be in contravention of the access rules, we may terminate a student’s access to the Online Course and the Course Material.  In such circumstances, no refund will be given.


Online Courses are for training purposes only.  BaluTutorials will not accept any responsibility to any party for the use of the Online Course or Course Materials for any purpose other than training for educational purposes, including but not limited to, the giving of advice by you to any third party.

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