This website is the home of online training courses and resources made available by Balu Naik and the BaluTutorials team. Balu Naik has been teaching since 2008 and has been running his wilderness skills training company, BaluTutorials since 2016.

Balu and his team deliver wilderness skills training courses in various locations in India. as well as further afield, including working with Apolis to deliver expeditor iOS skills training and guiding in the USA.

In addition to working with Apolis, Balu has worked with a top software training institute in Hyderabad, India. Currently, Mr.Balu working as a senior software engineer at Namshi International services in Dubai, UAE.

Balu has been invited to speak about and demonstrate various technologies skills at both domestic and international events. Since 2014 Balu has maintained a highly-regarded blog at which was his first foray into sharing information online.  Since then, Balu has expanded his delivery of balututorials, survival, and wilderness skills knowledge over the internet via this site, the home of Balu’s paid online training resources.

While there is no substitute for getting your hands dirty with BaluTutorials and survival skills, you can learn on your own time, particularly with skilled guidance, even if this guidance is remote.  This is exactly the aim of this site and the courses and resources it holds to help the globally distributed tribe of modern humans who are keen to learn and carry programming skills and knowledge of their own.

Anybody can write superlatives on their own website, though.  Feedback such as the comments below better express what recipients of these online training courses stand to gain from participating…

At BaluTutorials, we provide you online technical training to access industry-leading programs recognized by top companies. All of our courses are highly demanded as they include modern technology training having millions of job opportunities. It is the fastest and efficient way to master your skill. Watch video lectures on on-demand topics and learn from industry experts. Our video lectures are short and to the point, that enables you to understand the topics with ease. So, start streaming to enhance your skill and master technologies

“To anyone reading this and thinking of jumping right in and enrolling on any of Balu’s courses I say do it, grab the chance with both hands, and don’t let go. You will be challenged, intrigued, empowered, in awe even with just how much knowledge flows from him. Expect to get frustrated, and annoyed too though, skinned knuckles, stings, cuts, and bruises are all part of outdoor life and with challenges will come great reward, much more than if it was just handed to you on a plate. His courses aren’t a walk in the park. The content is very high level, in-depth, and will require dedication to truly get the most from it, but you can be completely reassured he will be there by your side through the challenging times. No matter how much commitment you are able to give at any specific time though, you will learn a huge amount at the other end. The beauty of his online courses is that you can return to them time after time. I dedicate as much time as I can, but life is life and can get in the way, this isn’t a problem with online courses and you can be obsessive with a specific skill at a pace that suits you. You won’t find a better value or source of information than you will from Balu, no matter where you are on this planet.”  -Sheldon USA